“Together we the people achive more than any single person could ever do alone. It is time to move beyond partisanship and build a stronger tomorrow.”​



For State Representative

Thank you for your interest in our Taylor for All 155 campaign.

In deciding to run to be your representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for the 155th district, I pledged to run a positive and inclusive campaign. The residents of the 155th district have come to expect and deserve a thoughtful representative, willing to put people over politics. This campaign is about you and your lives, not me and my life.

Like it or not, we live in historic times with new challenges and opportunities almost every single day. The 155th district needs a steadied representative who will act reasonably, will act responsibly and will work with others to utilize the changing circumstances to make our Commonwealth a better place to live and work. A representative who understands the primary responsibility of government is to maintain a stable society that allows you and your family to thrive and live the life you think is best for you.

A representative who promotes a strong economy that leads to more better paying jobs that provide the security and the means to enjoy all that life has to offer. A representative that believes that education must prepare our children for the future. A representative that knows government must be positioned to help and assist those in our society who require care and support. A representative that remembers the government’s money is your money.

We live in a very unique place! While our community and country face new challenges ahead, I have full confidence the people of the 155th district can come together and face these challenges together. If we divide ourselves based upon special interests and emotional rhetoric, we will not be as strong as when we stand together. We all live here in the Heart of Chester County for a reason. If we come together, we can continue being good stewards of what we have and make our district even a better place to live and work for generations to come.

I hope you will join the campaign!

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